Steve Kerr explains Kenny Atkinson’s choice

Huge surprise on Saturday evening when we learned that Kenny Atkinson was ultimately not going to become the coach of the Charlotte Hornets when he had reached an agreement. He decided to stay with the Warriors and Steve Kerr a choice of threads explained.

“We’re in a great place, we have great players, we live in a beautiful part of the country,” Steve Kerr told NBC. “Kenny has two teenage children who really wanted to stay. I think it’s very difficult to take a job in the middle of the finals without having had the opportunity to decompress before. During the finals he said to himself: ‘This is not the best time for my family to leave.’ I’m glad Kenny trusted his instincts. I hope Charlotte finds a great coach and everyone moves on. We are lucky to have him back, especially with the departure of mike brown. I need Kenny and I’m glad he’s back. »

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