strapped with their belts, the ROC Boxing champions thank the ROC Garden Tennis

One week to the day after the first national coronation of Brandon Deslauriers, the ROC Boxe included, Saturday July 16, to also ask, in its own way, the ROC Garden Tennis and its president, Thierry Lebec. The resident club and its president have been supporters of this gala idea on a tennis court from the first edition, in July 2021. And still precious supporters, including financially, in the gala of July 9 which saw for the first once a male graduate from Royan became a French professional champion.

October, maybe

“We brought our help to ROC Boxe, because the idea was good and it was a chance to be able to host a French championship. For the financing of the evening, the Departmental Council has already assured us of help and I have no doubt that the City of Royan will also help us, to the extent of the event, ”says Thierry Lebec. President of ROC Boxe, Franck Weus once again appreciated “the pooling of resources of our two associations, to successfully organize this event”.

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