Strategy change paying off on Cameron Smith’s links

The Australian leading The Open mid-tournament explained how he decided to change the way he approached links. A strategic evolution already seen at Collin Morikawa during his victory last year on the Royal St George’s course.

And if the new way of imposing itself in The Open consisted of not changing the way he played?

A question to seem to have answered Cameron Smithleader with two strokes ahead of the American Cameron Young and three on Rory McIlroy and Victor Hovland. Players accustomed to PGA Tour and which takes advantage of the total or almost total absence of wind to respond to the course as if it were a classic layout.

I feel like I’m playing more like I’m playing on a course in the United States putting the ball really high.

As Smith explained after his completed second round in ’64, it’s a winning strategy that goes against all conventional wisdom about how to thwart link traps.

“I think I now have more experience on the links. In the beginning, I guess I was trying to play very, if not too much, “connected”, if you will. I was trying to hit low balls but here I feel like I’m playing more like I’m on a US course offering to put the ball high in an effort to land it soft. »

Unfortunately, the weather conditions of the last two rounds should still prove them right. Too bad, because we would have liked to see this philosophy of play confronted with the test of a more sustained wind.

Photo © Richard Heathcote/R&A via Getty Images

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