Suffering from dementia at 42, former All Black Hayman is “at the bottom of the bucket”

The former right pillar passed by RC Toulon attributed himself to the ailments he has suffered since the end of his career.

The former right pillar of the All Blacks, Carl Hayman (45 selections), is suffering from dementia at the age of 42, due to repeated concussions. The former RC Toulon player (2010-2015) spoke about the ailments he suffers from. “It’s a pretty heavy word. And even just saying it felt like a shock to my body. I noticed something was wrong. Mood swings, forgetfulness, constant headaches… I got angry very easilyhe says. I made very bad choices. I was trying to reapply for my son’s passport. They asked me : “What’s your son’s name?” And I couldn’t remember his name or his middle name.

He intends to invest in an association

The former coach of the Section Paloise forwards also detailed:I had a very bad concussion against Australia at Eden Park. I couldn’t get up and fell like a newborn foal. After my career, I expected to have knee and back pain for the rest of my life, which would have been better. I think any rugby player would agree. But getting to 42 and having medical specialists telling you you have dementia… You’re at the bottom of the bucket.”

The former All Black now intends to invest in the fight against dementia, via the New Zealand association Dementia Auckland. “It’s very hard for people who live with brain damage, but also for those who take care of them. I plan to push the fight forward every day and I know where I want to go, he explains. There are things you can do to improve your quality of life. There is hope. »


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