Table tennis: always on the attack

During their general meeting, the ASCA table tennis players detailed a 2021-2022 sports season which went normally despite the sanitary conditions at the start of the season. On the licensed side, the Aureilhanaises rackets have not returned to their normal workforce, but no package has been recorded, on the championships, on the individual events.

Actions around the ping.

The club has endeavored to communicate about its discipline with various actions: discovery of ping with the MJC on six Wednesdays, disabled sports days on its tables and at the Marcadieu hall in Tarbes, leisure ping on its training sessions.

After taking note of the retirement of the two Aureilhan gym teachers who intervened during Tuesday training from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., the club will endeavor to find a reorganization in order to compensate, from the start of the season next, to these two absences. Club initiator training, referee and referee training to come, the Aureilhanais are already preparing for the future season.

Flattering results.

Maintenance of regional 3, rise in R4, creation of a D3 which wins the title, team results which honor the rise in power of young people. Individually, the club’s “youth” project is beginning to bear fruit on various meetings. Federal criterium: Paolo in minim and Guilhaume in cadet made four laps in pre-national, Dylan in juniors and Alexis in cadets distinguished themselves in two regional competitions, Joris in senior qualified in one round in regional.

The palm of these results goes to Guilhaume who finishes first in the regional, thus giving him the priority to participate in France which will take place this weekend in Rennes. The assembly closed with some figures which show the valuable support of the general ASCA grant, as well as the help given by the sponsors.

Presentation of awards then a last word from Mrs. Méca (association assistant) who emphasized the dynamics of the leaders of the ASCA table tennis club, everyone gathered around a snack and dishes cooked by Fabienne .

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