Table tennis. Eleven titles for Alsace at the Grand Est Championships

Gilles Erb came to the competition on Sunday afternoon, he couldn’t miss it. “It’s a moment that is emotionally strong for me,” said the president of the French table tennis federation for two years. “I took my first license at the APIG (Amicale Pongiste d’Illkirch-Graffenstaden) forty-five years ago and I am still licensed there today. »

The leader, who still lives in Strasbourg, but spends three or four days a week in Paris, salutes the work of the Ligue du Grand Est, interpreted by Christophe Porte.

“It’s the 5e French League (12,500 licensees, editor’s note). It is very well defined and is moving forward with several development projects, both in terms of performance and practice for all. »

The Alsatians won eleven titles in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, including five for the Haguenau club: three in men’s singles, three in women’s singles, two in men’s doubles and three in women’s doubles.

Lucas’ quadruplet…

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