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Ultimate Cup, in Guipavas

Thursday, July 21 from 7 p.m., the hall of the Kercoco sports complex will be in Ultimate Ping configuration. But what is the Ultimate Ping? In this derivative of table tennis, the games take place on 4 tables joined to each other lengthwise. The nets having been previously removed from the tables, a new separation between the two camps, higher, is placed on the playing surface.

In terms of the rules, two major changes, the ball can bounce twice before being played and it is possible to lean on the table provided you keep support on the ground.

“We need to set up this event in order to be part of the project, initiated by the FFTT, to diversify table tennis activities,” says Mathieu Guilcher, coach at the club. With ten teams already registered, the volunteers are confident and motivated to prepare for this evening.

A second offbeat event will take place on Saturday August 27, which will allow you to discover another facet of the activity, the Dark Ping.


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