challenge, LED glass floor…

Every year at the start of the season, FIBA ​​modifies a few rules, which it has just communicated. 3 are notable: Challenge for the coach. In all matches where the Instant Review System (IRS) is present, the coach can ask to review one game situation, and only one, regardless of the outcome of the challenge. … Read more

Steve Kerr reacts to rumors about Jonathan Kuminga

During his rookie season the Congolese Jonathan Kuminga showed some very promising things, including that he had the potential to be a player the Warriors could build on in the future. But a month ago on the show “First Take”, Stephen A. Smith expressed serious concerns about Kuminga’s work ethic and that he had heard … Read more

“It revives the old stereotype of the brainless sportsman who ‘bully’ others”

Anthony Edwards quickly apologized after making homophobic comments on social media a few days ago. Apologies that are a little too easy and not enough for the activist, philanthropist and incidentally the best scorer in history Kareem Abdul Jabbar. “It would be easy to ignore Edwards’ immaturity – he’s only 21 – if we hadn’t … Read more

The Lakers would have tried to recover Bojan Bogdanovic and Terry Rozier in a deal at 4; Russell Westbrook held off the bench?

According to The Athetic, the Lakers would have, before the transfer of Donovan Mitchell to Cleveland, imagined a trade with 4 teams with Utah, New York and Charlotte. One of the scenarios described would have seen Bojan Bogdanovic and terry rozier head towards Los Angeles. Several factors have meant that no exchange around Russell Westbrook … Read more

“The fit is terrible. However, just because the fit is terrible doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.”

The experience Russell Westbrook at the Lakers last season was a failure. The association with james lebron and Anthony Davis was not good, even if in the end on a little saw the 3 playing together because of the injuries of the latter two. When the trade was made, there were quite a few questions … Read more