Tennis: Bacsinszky: “The talents are there but there is a lack of support”


TennisBacsinszky: “The talents are there but there is a lack of support”

The tennis player from Vaud retired from sport almost a year ago. Member of Tennis Vaud, lecturer or trainer in Lausanne: she explains the current challenges.

Martina Hingis (left) and Timea Bacsinszky prepared for a press conference on Thursday, during the Ladies Open Lausanne.

Pascal Muller/freshfocus

Timea Bacsinszky, you retired from the professional circuit almost a year ago. However, you stayed in the world of tennis and train in a club: why?

I wanted to stay in tennis, but without wanting to teach only one athlete. There are good players, young and old, and they all teach me something different.

What do you observe in terms of the professionalization of young people, with the hindsight you have?

The talent is there, but the support is lacking. For example, there is a shortage of winter pitches in Lausanne, and a patron, sponsor or help is needed to build a tennis hall. Today, we have plenty of ideas, but we need the funds.

For young people, is it also a question of funds?

Participating in several international tournaments costs a huge budget. There is equipment, hotels, travel, food, the coach… The federation supports the players financially, but in a limited way since there are many young people who are trying to get through the stages.

Can having a WTA tournament in Switzerland help reduce this financial burden?

Yes, but you also need to have a second tournament. Among men, they have three: Gstaad, for 100 years, Basel for 50 years and Geneva for almost 10 years.

With the WTA refusing to schedule tournaments in China, are there new opportunities?

There are opportunities, but these tournaments were scheduled for the end of the year, and there is no infrastructure available in Switzerland for the WTA at that time.

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