Tennis. Coaching authorized by the ATP for the second part of the season, just after Wimbledon

It is a reform that should delight Stefanos Tsitsipas, who has been campaigning for months for it to be ratified. Coaching has just been authorized by the ATP, starting next Monday, July 11 – the day after the Wimbledon final – and until the end of the season. A measure that will be provided at the end of the year, before being permanently extended.

Tennis players will therefore now be able to receive instructions from their coaches between points. Officially and without receiving any warning. Because coaching was actually already used discreetly (or not) by some.

The memorable Australian Open scene

During the last Australian Open, Daniil Medvedev attacked the referee, guilty according to him of not sanctioning his opponent, Stefanos Tsitsipas. ” Dude, are you crazy? His dad can talk to every point? Dude, are you stupid? His dad can talk to every point! Are you going to answer my question? My god, you are so dumb. Look at me ! I’m talking to you ! How can you be so stupid in the semi-major… “.

This reform will therefore concern – in particular – the US Open and the end-of-year Masters. The ATP has set certain conditions.


Coaches must sit in reserved seats and coaching (verbal and non-verbal) will only be permitted if it does not interrupt play or interfere with the opponent. The player can only receive verbal instructions if he is at the same end of the field as his coach, except if there is no discussion (hand signals).

No conversation between the player and his coach will be allowed. They will have to be content with a few words and / or short sentences and the coaches will not be able to speak to their player when he leaves the field. Sanctions and amendments will be applied in case of abuse or misuse of the coaching conditions.

Tennis. Coaching authorized by the ATP for the second part of the season, just after Wimbledon

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