Tennis. Quimperlé: the student wins against his coach

Quimperlé Lands Tournament

This is not the first time that these two TC Quimperlé players have faced each other. But as in their previous confrontation this year, the student overtook the master by winning in three rounds. “I resisted well in the first two sets, then I took the advantage in the third”, a summary of Niels Villard.

Champion of Brittany for 17-18 year olds, the Quimperlois hopeful also reached the final in the second round against TP Concarneau player Arthur Weber in June.

“It’s my first summer tournament and I’m winning. That’s great. I will follow up with Beg Meil ​​this Friday, then Saint-Lunaire and Dinard next week. At the end of July, I will tour Normandy, then on August 16, there will be the French championship for 17-18 year olds at Roland-Garros. »

The results

Simple gentlemen. Final: Niels Villard (0, TC Quimperlé) beats Marius Portebois (1/6, Quimperlé) 2-6, 7-6, 6-4.

Simple ladies. Final: Julie Hervé (-2/6, La Baule) beats Léa Ben Ammar (3/6, Mont-Saint-Aignan) 6-2, 6-3.

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