Tennis. Russian tennis number 1 Daria Kasatkina comes out

The No. 1 in Russian women’s tennis, Daria Kasatkina, currently 12th in the world, announces that she is in a relationship with a person of the same sex in an interview published on Monday where she denounces the prevalent homophobia in Russia.

It’s hard and there’s no point in staying in the closet for a long time she says in this interview, shot in Spain and broadcast on the channel of a Youtubeur, Vitia Kravtchenko, and in which she says she currently has a girlfriend. You’ll have knots in your brain until you say it. Afterwards, it’s clear that everyone must choose how they want to open up and to what extent. The most important thing is to be good with yourself adds the 25-year-old sportswoman.

“Choosing to be gay makes life more difficult”

She also regrets that this subject is prohibitedin Russia. There are even more important topics that are banned, so it’s no wonder. The player also says that “choosing to be gay makes life more difficult” especially in Russia. Homosexuality was considered a crime in Russia until 1993 and a mental illness until 1999. Russian LGBT people are often the subject of hostility, violence and sometimes even murder.

Daria Kasatkina’s statements come as Russian lawmakers on Monday proposed a new bill that is to ban the dissemination of news on non-traditional sex to all types of audiences. A law passed in 2013 against the propaganda homosexual present prohibited until the dissemination of such information to minors.

Many LGBT + NGOs claim that this law serves as a pretext to persecute homosexuals, in a country where Vladimir Putin and the Orthodox Church advocate traditional values ​​in the face of a West presented as degenerate. A few hours after the publication of her interview on Youtube, Daria Kasatkina published on her Instagram account a photo showing her with a young woman. This publication is accompanied by a simple heart in the comments.

This season, the Russian notably reached the semi-finals of Roland-Garros, where she came up against the world number 1 and winner of the tournament, Iga Swiatek.

Tennis. Russian tennis number 1 Daria Kasatkina comes out

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