Tennis. TC Les Deux Tours tournament: Napolitano was wide awake

This is the very principle of “3×8 work”. Like many employees, Giacomo Napolitano (36 years old on August 11) may be required to “work at night”, in his capacity as a line driver in a Selestadian company specializing in car battery separators.

This week, the TC Ebersheim licensee “comes home from work at 6am”. And it’s an understatement to say that he did not have his sleep quota, before facing Hugo Ulrich (15, ASIET Herrlisheim), this Thursday afternoon in the final of the TC Les Deux Tours tournament.

The Bas-Rhinois, however, had his eyes in front of the holes, at the time of presenting himself on the clay court of Hachimette. He even gave a little tennis lesson to his young opposite (22 years old), “in a day without” according to his own words.

“I play pretty fair…

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