TENNIS: TCAM, competition but not only…

Over this 2021/2022 season, the Tennis Club Amiens Métropole has signed very good performances, whether among beginners or experienced players. While developing an offer alongside the competition.

The TCAM is a tennis club with many competitors, even if its ambition is not limited to competition alone.

Jade Psonka, during the ITF AAC tournament where she lost in the second qualifying round.

At the level of athletes who excel, we can cite Jade Psonka. currently -4/6, the young girl from Amiens, just 17 years old, plays at the national level. Small, it was quickly followed by the League of Hauts-de-France. His good performances as well as his one-handed backhand, rather rare among women, allowed him to evolve in 17/18 years, this season. She first grabbed the title of departmental championbefore taking the title champion regional in this same category. She is now qualified for the French championships which will take place in Roland Garros in August. Apart from these results, she continues her fine career with an international dynamic, where she will play tournaments in several European countries, signing honorable performances. A route “very encouragingaccording to the president of the club, Pascal Haduch. Jade plays and trains physically every day, she is really in a professional process. »

Even if the young Amiens is honored, there are also other very good results at the club “which should not be overshadowed by a national courseaccording to the president of the club. The regional courses are also important at our level. The club’s young hopefuls are, for me, as important as Jade, who plays nationally. »

Performance in all categories

The women’s 1st team, which was reconstituted four years ago, has been able to climb all the rungs, to today insert the pre-national. The development of women’s tennis “was one of the objectives announced when we took over the dreams of TCAM a few years ago. Cecile Bardoux, which is in charge of adult and women’s leisure tennis, relaunched the project by forming several teams. In particular, she is part of team 1 and with the help of Jade, who took part in the adventure when she could, they achieved remarkable performances which today take them to the pre-national »adds Pascal Haduch.

The men’s team 1 is confirmed, as for it, in pre-national. The club “didn’t aim to go up this year because we didn’t have the necessary athletic resources, in fact we were almost afraid to go down. In the end, there were some very good meetings, some very good matches and some very nice surprises, which allowed us to maintain ourselves.”adds the president of the club.

Among young people too, performance is essential. The 15/16-year-old team, made up of Martin Bajeux and Ethan Haduch seizes a departmental title. The young team from Amiens has just won against Saint-Omer on the tour of the regional phases, which allows him to access the regional semi-final of the team championships. For this semi-final, the young Amiens will have to face a big team of lomme : “on paper, we are not given a winner, far from it, but sport is also about surprises, so I hope they will create a surprise. »

Among the youngest, 9/10 years old, Pacôme Daverdin, Jules Aubriot and Gaspar Devillersas well as 13/14 year olds with Pierre Despoix, Antoine Duchemin and Antoine Dumoulin, end the season being departmental champions in their respective categories. But the two teams were eliminated in the first round of the regional championships and will not go further in the adventure.

The club was also represented at the FFT rackets, a national competition exclusively for women, which is aimed at beginner players. The TCAM players took the title of departmental champions and narrowly missed reaching the final during the regional phases in Marcq-en-Baroeul. “It’s a great adventure and it’s also good to honor tennis at the lowest level, but in the noble sense of the term, that is to say that everyone at their level is a competitor”“, emphasizes Pascal Haduch.

At the +55 level, Philippe Aulner managed to defend the colors of the club until the regional phases. He was unfortunately injured in the final and could not finish his fine run.

A passion that grows and is transmitted

To sign such performances, the club is made up of a competition division. Support is done twice a week and combines training and physical preparation. The club also offers personal training according to individual requests, in order to improve according to your needs. In children, a formula tennis fun is offered for 1h30 on Saturday. This formula includes an hour of tennis and half an hour of team sports to try to lead the children to other activities.

The TCAM does not primarily aim to excel at the competitive level: “The ambition of the club is to make happy sportsmen, explains Pascal Haduch. It is the involvement of the teachers in the training sessions that gives these results. » Playful training that makes the youngest want to continue on their origins and that allow them to develop a passion for competition. Many young people wishing, in this way, to join team 1 to designate the club at departmental and regional levels: “we want the young people of the club in the process of training to bring up the 1st team in national”explains the president of the club.

The ambition of the club is to make athletes happy

Pascal Haduch

For the youngest, “on integrated adults who will have a passion later. And the team championships also allow create friendships. In this way, when we see them training in their free time, we say to ourselves that we have won on a sporting but also social level. » The club has more and more young people who come to the smooth running of the club, like Jasminewho got involved every Saturday morning to lend a hand to the teachers who run the fun tennis. “It’s also interesting to develop their spirit of volunteering” emphasizes Pascal Haduch.

To reward each graduate of the tennis school, the TCAM will organize a graduation ceremony Saturday July 2, during the garden party of the club. A trophy will also be awarded to the best sportswoman of the club, all categories combined. The best progress of the year or the best team will also be awarded a prize, rewarding their performance. “We try to highlight sportsmen and sportswomen through a presentation of trophiesPascal Haduch explains: this is how we will close this year full of pride for us but also for the parents. »

Charlotte Lecot
Photo credit: DR and Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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