TENNIS: Two creusotins finish in the final of the Geugnon Tournament

Arnaud Frèrejean, a member of Le Creusot, even won in the over 50s for the second year in a row!

From June 25 to July 14, the Geugnon club organized its Tennis tournament, belonging to the Circuit National des Grands Tournois (CNGT). This July 14th rhymed with national holiday, but also for some with final and victory! This Wednesday, the Guegnon competition was coming to an end, after having seen the number of competitors decrease as the matches progressed.

Among seniors over 35, François Slomiany, 15/3, from TC du Creusot, had qualified for the final but unfortunately saw his opponent, Fabien Marchand, 15/2, from FC Geugnon win, 7/ 5 6/2.
Among the over 50s, Arnaud Frèrejean, 15/5, with a license from Creusot, did not give up and won brilliantly against Franco Cardini, from TC Paray, 15/5 with 6/1 6/4. He therefore leaves with the title he had come to put back into play, with the hope of keeping it again next year, to be continued…

Great news for the Tennis Club Creusotin – which continues to seek new recruits to shine, particularly through the Creusot Vacances Jeunes courses!

Julien ZAIDI

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