The 33rd IDRAC Golf Trophy makes its mark for the benefit of the Small World –

Text: Morgan Couturier – Deprived of competition for three years, the IDRAC Business School has found its way back to the greens, on the occasion of its 33e golf trophy. A release for the participants, but also for the association Le Petit Monde.

We had almost forgotten the flavor of that day. Not that of the competition, but of the pleasure of getting together, of simply playing or even of honoring the student project of the Bachelor Marketing & Business program of the IDRAC Business School. And yet, getting back on the road was extremely simple, the happiness of playing again after 3 years of deprivation having quickly taken precedence over the aesthetics of the blows.

A pleasure shared by the 72 participants in this 33e edition, where as before, Thierry HattyshoulderAlexandra Justel, undertook to weigh the trophy. One proof among many others that the IDRAC golf trophy has returned to its good habits, while bearing in mind that such a return is only the starting point of a new series. And new solidarity funds. As in 2019, the Le Petit Monde association was the lucky beneficiary. There, it is the greatest victory. And the very essence of this meeting…

Gross ranking:

1uh : Thierry Hatty and Alexandra Justel

2e : Philippe Faugier and Stéphane Reynouard

3e : Alexandre Patamia and Philippe Lucet

Ranking Net:

1uh : Philippe Faugier and Stéphane Reynouard

2e : Thierry Hatty and Alexandra Justel

3e : Jean-Claude Carquillat and Guirec Penhoat

Thursday, June 9, 2022
Lyon Golf Club

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