the Atlantique Seudre Handball team takes the lead

This promising team ends the year well, however delicate with the Covid, with a great breakthrough. Simon Forgit trained at Creps de Poitiers brings his experience and good humor to this close-knit team. The title of pre-regional champion rewards a lot of effort and great matches. This year, the boys’ team over 18 is coming to the region. The last match at La Tremblade against the Pontois ended in a victory for the Seudre players by a score of 34 to 22. Goalkeeper Noël Doret outdid himself with numerous technical saves. Simon Forgit, the center half-comment: “We had a wall in defense and extremely fast comebacks”. This last match was a record attendance with around 150 supporters on their feet shouting their team’s praises. The president, Sébastien Fournier, was also olas.

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