The basketball club takes stock of the season

Saturday, July 9, at the village hall, the basketball club held its annual general meeting, in the presence of the licensees, Isabelle Mirabel, 1st deputy mayor, members of the office, under the chairmanship of Ingrid Cayssials. Note the presence of Christel Espinasse, new president of the Aveyron Lozère basketball committee.

The latter thanked those present, the town hall of Rignac for its support for the club, both financial and material and for the provision of the various structures.

Thanks also to the partners in the framework of sponsorship and essential financial aid for the club, with particular attention to Crédit Agricole Nord Midi-Pyrénées.

With 125 licenses, this 2021-2022 season has experienced a certain decline due to the pandemic in particular, which places the Rignac basket club in 7th departmental rank among the Aveyron clubs. The distribution by category is fairly balanced, except for the U18s for this season.

The president was part of her satisfaction for the 34 senior licenses including 14 leaders and their essential involvement in the smooth running of the championship days. On the other hand, the lack of a referee is a black point and penalizes the club. Ingrid Cayssials presented and recalled the sporting results of this season, with the departmental title for the U13 boys and their qualification for the final of the future cup, the 5th place for the U13 girls in the championship and their qualification for the final future cup, 7th place for the U15 girls in interdepartmental and their qualification for the future cup. The president then mentioned the club’s participation in the first season of the CTC EAB. For the coming season, Ingrid Cayssials clarified that there is an obligation to increase the price of licenses, in particular because of the importance for the club of having a trainer within the structure, volunteering is not being only an alternative but not sustainable solution.

In addition to the teams entered this season, the club is registering a U15 boys team and a U18 girls team for the next season. Before giving the floor to the various coaches and educators, Ingrid Cayssials repaid her thanks to them and to the members of the office for all the support and work done throughout the season; with special thanks to Claire Lazuech who wishes to put an end to her functions within the office.

After announcing the resignation from the office, Ingrid Cayssials gave the floor to Jérôme Gaubert for the financial report with the approval of the accounts, before closing this general meeting.

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