The beach conquered by the UPS beach-rugby tournament

A dozen rugby schools from all over the great south of France, i.e. around 750 young people, met this Saturday for a major tournament on the beach on the seafront.

The rugby school of the Union Sigean-Port-La Nouvelle, this Saturday 25 June, issued an invitation to beach rugby. A dozen rugby schools, places of Cantal, Auvergne, Rhône-Alpes, Lot or Haute-Garonne, responded to this invitation. A total of 750 children aged 6 to 14 conquered the seafront beach for this 6th beach-rugby tournament organized by the USP. A competition that is played with 5 players, no tackle, no scrum, no touch. The game of movement, speed and skill or overflowing framing are the cult of beach rugby. Without violent contact, you have to touch your opponent to stop him in his tracks where he will have to let go of the ball, a totally fun and friendly game.

In total, 70 teams competed on the land plotted and materialized the day before, on the sand by precious volunteers. An intense day where the preparations and the logistical follow-up were masterfully carried out by some sixty volunteers. At the end of the afternoon, all the teams were invited to approach the podium for the awards ceremony.

Sébastien Legal, president of the USP rugby school, took the opportunity to thank all the educators and volunteers who accompanied this great meeting, also calls on the municipalities of Port-La Nouvelle and Sigean as well as the many sponsors without whom all these actions would not be possible.


Here are the results of the first three by team and age.Under 14 years old1st: TEC 4, 2nd: TEC 2, 3rd: Cahors 3.Under 12 years old1st: USP 1, 2nd: TEC 1, 3rd: Issoire.Under 10 years old1st : Issoire, 2nd Cahors, 3rd TEC 2. Under 8 years old1st: Tour du Pin, 2nd Cahors 2, 3rd Issoire 1.

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