The best players warned in advance of doping controls?

Passes for the top of the basket? A survey of Daily mail reveals that the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has shown proof of a certain leniency towards the best players on the circuit in the fight against doping.

The British daily explains, for example, that some have been invited to “reserve time slots” to be tested before the Masters 1000 in Miami this year. The athletes would also have been informed that blood tests would have been carried out before Roland-Garros 2019 and the US Open 2021.

Li’IFT would inflate its control figures

the Daily mail shares a message sent by Nicole Sapstead, head of the ITF’s anti-doping program, before the Miami tournament: “Appointments to provide your sample will be fixed between 9 am and 6 pm day (between the 19th and the March 22, 2022) and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. »

“Attentions” that cause trouble since they will allow potential cheaters to slip through the cracks more easily by erasing the surprise effect. To make matters worse, the ITF would have inflated the figures of the doping controls it carries out. It’s clean…

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