The bewildering trade that united Kyrie Irving with LeBron at the Lakers!

Now that he has been declared available for a trade, Kyrie Irving sees his name being peddled to the Lakers where LeBron James, his former teammate, plays. Or, it just so happens that this scenario is entirely feasible, now…because LA and Brooklyn could serve as a third team as a go-between.

The case of Kyrie Irving at the Nets has just brought another boost to transfer rumors, just a week before the opening of free agency. Eager to obtain a maximum contract, the leader will not however obtain it on the side of his franchise, unconvinced in particular after a 2021-22 season marked by his prolonged absence and the big controversy around his refusal of vaccination. In the end, the New York superteam even made him available for a trade, and the Lakers would already be on it.

However, a simple swap with a superstar on the Californian side seems quite unlikely, and therefore a third franchise would have to be found in order to create a deal that could bring something satisfactory to all parties concerned. Launderer’s report looked into the subject recently, and thinks he has identified the lucky winner: it would be the Rockets, who have a big file on the table with John Wall. Result, the famous US media sees the leader being involved in this XXL scenario, just like Russell Westbrook :

Three-team trade between Lakers, Rockets and Nets

  • The Lakers received : Kyrie Irving and Seth Curry
  • Nets received : John Wall
  • The Rockets received : Russell Westbrook and a 2027 first-round pick

If this trade is now possible, it is because J-Wall has decided to activate his player option, and will therefore be under contract with a salary of 47 million dollars in 2022-23. Suffice to say that this is the perfect opportunity for the Texans to part with it, leave to recover a player who poses the same concerns financially. In addition to knowing the house, the Brodie however has the advantage of being the least fragile and could therefore be useful for a few months.

Coming back to Los Angeles and Brooklyn, it is clear that the scenario would be ideal for the Purples and Golds, in particular. In addition to getting Kai, they could add an excellent backline shooter with Seth Curry, which typifies the kind of profile they’ve been sorely lacking this year. As for the Blacks and Whites, they could try a new bet with Wall, although the Big Three he would form with Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons would be surrounded by a great deal of uncertainty.

Kyrie Irving to the Lakers, so it would be a real possibility if this trade were to see the light of day. Nothing is confirmed for the moment, but we must now expect an earthquake to hit the NBA at any time. What to revive the Angelinos after a failed campaign?

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