The brilliant sequence between Barack Obama and Steph Curry, after the Finals!

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Hailed from all sides after his coronation with the Warriors, Stephen Curry also had the right to tributes outside the world of the orange ball. Just after the last match, he received a phone call from none other than Barack Obama, the former American head of state! What to attend a viral sequence.

When on the snapshot his fourth career ring and we become Finals MVP like Stephen Curryon an evidence the right to congratulations in good and due form. Several NBA stars reacted to his show in particular in Game 6, which allowed the Warriors to complete the series against Boston. In the world of politics, there was also a reaction to this achievement by the Golden State players, with former United States President Barack Obama showering them with praise on Twitter:

With four titles won in eight years, the Warriors leave no doubt that they are among the greatest dynasties in NBA history. Kudos to Finals MVP Steph Curry, Draymond, Klay, Coach Kerr and the rest of Dub Nation for such long-lasting excellence.

Recall that Obama was in office the first time the Dubs won the title with the Chief in charge, in 2014-15. He has also been the golf partner of the latter for some time, just like Michael Jordan. A sacred triplet!

Barack Obama congratulates Curry and the Warriors on their title

It is in any case a very great honor for the Californians, who thus cement their place in the history books a little more by being canonized by the person concerned. The former country chief also translated a very personal message to Baby Face, which he called directly after the final whistle. The opportunity for the n°30 to slip a few words on his feelings:

Thanks a lot, man. You know, since the last time I saw you, how far away it seems. Man, that was special. It was special, I really like you.

Obviously, the former POTUS took the opportunity to drop a rather incongruous statement, since the double MVP laughed in stride:

I wish I could say that! I wish I could say that on TV!

Receiving congratulations from a president is always something incredible, even when it is no longer active. Steph Curry can in any case boast of having Barack Obama’s phone number in his contacts!

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