The Canadian Hockey Federation opens an investigation into a possible gang rape

The Canadian Hockey Federation, in turmoil since revelations in the press in recent weeks, is suspected of having wanted to hide a gang rape committed by eight members of the national junior team in 2018 and has announced that it is reopening its investigation into these accusations. .

All players will be required to participate in this survey, “ led by an independent third party on pain of being banned from all Hockey Canada activities and programs. The investigation will then be assigned to an independent arbitration tribunal, to determine the consequences including ” lifetime ban from Hockey Canada activities “.

We hear your anger and disappointmentwrote Hockey Canada, in an open letter to Canadians. We know that our response has been relatively insufficient to the actions of some members of the 2018 National Junior Team, or even to end the culture of toxic behavior in hockey. We are sincerely sorry. »

A series of measures

The Federation also announced a series of measures, such as the establishment of an independent and confidential complaint mechanism or participation in mandatory training on sexual violence and consent.

A financial agreement was reached last spring between the Federation and a young woman, now 24, who accuses a group of eight players of gang rape, including several members of the national junior team at the time, after a Hockey Canada Foundation Gala in 2018. In the wake of these allegations, public funding for the Federation was suspended by the government. Hockey Canada officials also had to explain themselves to a parliamentary committee.


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