The Canaillous of SO Rugby took stock

In mid-June, the traditional, not to say the usual, end-of-season meeting of the association of former Séméac Olympique Rugby players “les Canaillous” was held and, as the veterans said, “all generations combined “. About fifty old men and women (player companions or friends and support of the friendly) answered present.

The meeting opened with a report on the various activities carried out throughout the year by the responsible Jean Claude Mariette. The latter highlighted the organization of the various activities carried out with in particular a visit to Madiranese cellars, but also the match of the French women’s team in Bayonne plus other meetings which allow to meet between generations and always in a good mood and the joy of living.

Then was mentioned for the future season a calendar of activities to be planned for the 2022/23 season and was thus mentioned the fiftieth anniversary of the club to be planned in September October. Then, the financial report was made by the treasurer Nicolas Coq and was mentioned the entry of new rascals in the office with now two co-managers Jean Claude Mariette and Olivier Escot Sep. Finally, the whole assembly had a thought for those who unfortunately left us.

Then a grilled aperitif was organized with warmth which for some ended at the end of the afternoon; in short, a beautiful day which demonstrated the great vigor of this friendly.

The Canaillons also announced that they will hold their statutory annual general meeting at the start of the school year, before the 50th anniversary festivities. An intelligent, voluntary and above all sincere way of reducing privileges, not to make people talk about themselves, but for the good of the whole structure, for the honor of the club they love and to whom they have given so much and will still give without interest.

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