The “Disc Golf” well established in La Mauselaine



In this turbulent time, between Covid, war in Ukraine and political instability, we are all looking for relaxation and serenity. As part of the 4-season activities, the “Disc Golf” is well established at La Mauselaine during the summer. The discipline resembles with a little imagination a flying saucer story in the manner of David Vincent that we owe to the Xonrupean Elliot Ruer with frisbee spaceships whose objective is to invade a course made up of 8 targets , or 8 baskets spaced 40 to 70 meters apart with a very slight drop. The outdoor activity, lasting approximately 1 hour, is fun, safe, intended for a family clientele for an audience of 8 to 88 years old. The practice is very simple, governed by rules also reduced to a trickle, the purpose of having a pleasant time during which it is necessary to disclose one’s natural address. And if he is a specialist who has become a master in the art of hitting the target, it is Elliot Ruer. The discipline, arriving in a straight line from the United States, is gaining momentum at the foot of the downhill ski slopes to the point of satisfying vacationers who are very inclined to discover and practice new things. Now, all you have to do is count your points, at least on the same principle as minigolf and traditional golf. Let’s go with Disc’Over Vosges whether you are with family or in a group, even in a business seminar.


Open during weekends then every day during school holidays from 10 am to 6 pm. Six people maximum per game. Price 6€ child, 8€ for adults with the “disc”. The ticket office is common to all the activities offered at La Mauselaine. Sale of “disc” and targets on site.


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