the DNCCG refuses the commitment of Elan Béarnais in Betclic Elite and Pro B

While taking control of the club with €1.20 million in cash, Counterpointe Sports Group (CSG) lost just over €3 million in just ten months. A financial fiasco which finds its source in the spring of 2021, when the cell led by David Bonnemason-Carrère and Dominique Loueilh, appointed president and general manager, recruited without counting and built for the 2021-2022 season a budget of 7.80 Totally unachievable million euros. For its part, CSG has also overestimated its ability to attract partners around an innovative, but rather vague and risky concept of tokenization of the club’s capital, and a pharaonic hotel and real estate project – around 100 M€.

One last bluff

The Elan Béarnais has eight days, from the receipt of the written notification, to file a formal appeal. At the end of these eight days, it will be produced again auditioned and will be able to new elements to influence the final decision.

During his preliminary hearing on June 14, David Otto, the CEO of CSG, said he had received assurances from the financial policeman to avoid this heavy sanction if the treasury was refloated. Or, the expected €1.10 million has still not been paid.

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