The EuroBasket U20 starts tomorrow and will be broadcast on La Chaîne L’Equipe!

The European U20 Championship starts tomorrow, Saturday, in Montenegro. It will be broadcast unencrypted on La Chaîne L’Equipe. A great first.

The French team will be partly redesigned compared to the U19 squad which took part in the World Cup last year. Between the injured (Rudy Demahis-Ballou, Armel Traoré, Kévin Marsillon-Noléo), the unavailable (Lucas Ugolin, Moussa Diabaté) and those who are not on the list for various reasons (Louis Lesmond, Victor Wembanyama, Juhann Begarin, etc.), the group of 12 Blueberries will be different from what it could have been. But in an age group where the NBA can call on some via the Summer League and where other constraints linked to professional debuts can appear, the U20 summer squads are often reshuffled. However, there is no question of setting lower goals for France, the tricolor selection having an almost unrivaled pool on the European continent.

Moreover, some key elements who won the world silver medal last year in Riga (Latvia) will be presented and will bring their experience. This will be the case of Matthew Strazel, Yvan Ouedraogo, Brice Dessert, Guillaume Eyango and Clément Frisch. The season of each of them was very different between the Euroleague, the Betclic Elite, the Pro B and the Espoirs championship, but their experience gained during the summer of 2021 could make the difference in a raised hen (Croatia, Belgium and Slovenia).

The French start their competition tomorrow Saturday against Croatia (2:15 p.m.).

The matches of the France U20 team will be broadcast live on the L’Équipe channel (apart from the first against Croatia, which will be broadcast live on the web platform [] and delayed on the air).

NAME First name Birth. Cut Job Club 2021/2022
BL Adama 12/18/2003 197 2/1 ARIZONA WILDCATS
BEAUFORT Lucas 05/24/2002 192 1/2 AIX MAURIENNE
DESSERT Brice 03/25/2003 210 5 ROUEN
EYANGO Guillaume 02/06/2002 201 4/3 NANTES
FRISH Clement 07/01/2002 201 4/3 DENAIN
KAMARDIN Ilias 01/10/2003 193 2/1 DIJON
KASIAMA Kenny 03/05/2003 204 3 ASVEL
MIENANDI Hugo 05/23/2003 201 4 LE MANS
CHAHRVIN Enzo 02/13/2003 201 5/4 PSU
STRAZEL Matthew 08/05/2002 184 1 ASVEL
TCHICAMBOUD Jayson 01/28/2002 195 1 TOURS

Coach: Frédéric CRAPEZ
Deputies: Mehdy MARY and Guillaume VIZADE

June 16-28: Workshop at Temple-sur-Lot (47)
June 26: France-Czech Republic (96-53)
June 27: France-Czech Republic (105-36)

July 2-7, 2022: Internship at INSEP

July 8-10, 2022: Matches in Vršac (Serbia)
July 9th : Serbia-France (79-70)
July 10: Serbia-France (76-71)

July 11-15, 2022: Internship in Podgorica (Montenegro)

U20 European Championship (Podgorica – July 16-24)
July 16: Group stage – France-Croatia (2:15 p.m.)
July 17: Group stage – France-Belgium (9:00 p.m.)
July 18: Group stage – France-Slovenia (4:30 p.m.)
July 20: Round of 16
July 21: Quarter-finals
July 23: Semi-finals
July 24: Final (8:30 p.m.)

Photography: Matthew Strazel (Infinity Nine Media)

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