The French team continues its journey in the 3×3 World Cup

The adventure continues for the French men’s team at the 3×3 World Cup in Antwerp! After a contrasting first day on Tuesday, the Blues played their qualification on their last two games in group A. Defeated by the Serbian favorites at the start of the afternoon, our Frenchies did the job in a last big match against Puerto Rico. We come back for you on the beautiful afternoon of our favorites.

In this group phase, nothing was simple our 4 Fantastic Alex Vialaret, Franck Seguela, Antoine Eito and Léo Cavalière. But with a balanced record after four games, the Blues have earned their place in the round of 16 of this World Cup. However, the defeat on the wire against Brazil on Monday did not put France in a comfortable situation before this day. On the menu of the day, we find Serbia, big favorite and undefeated after three games, and Puerto Rico, a direct competitor for qualification. So we start with a first match against the Serbs, who ate Brazil alive (22-7) the same morning and arrive in rhythm. The start of the match for the Blues is rather good: we defend hard and we manage to score to hang the opponents (4-4). But little by little, the Serbs are growing in power. If we send the Blues a notch below, they bravely cling to stay at 2-3 points. The second part of the match is more complicated: the guys from the Balkans show their science of the game, unroll their basket, lock the French attack and head for victory 2.30m from the end of time (17-10). In a surge of despair, the Blues finally found solutions thanks to a good passing game but lacked the skill at 2 points to really shake their opponents (19-14). Serbia finally put the lid on this match with a killer long-range shot from Dejan Majstorovic one minute from time (22-15). The Serbs therefore validate this first place, synonymous with direct qualification for the quarter-finals. The Blues fought but must logically give way to stronger than them.

A defeat that does not please, especially since the victory snatched by New Zealand against Puerto Rico has put a happy mess in the classification of group A. Four teams are tied (1 win – 2 losses) , but only two will go to the eighth. It is therefore an “elimination match” that the Blues play against the Puerto Ricans, the loser having to go home. Not an easy mission against a team that added Serbia (19-21), beat Brazil (20-16) and then lost a little by surprise against New Zealand (18-20). But despite the pressure, our Blues will do the job in this decisive match. After five tight minutes and marked by a big aggressiveness for lack of address (5-4), France will put a big shine to very physical Puerto Ricans, with a nice 9-4 to bring the score to 14-6 at two minutes from the end. Elimination is approaching for Puerto Rico, which gives everything to come back (15-11 then 17-13). Except that it will not be enough against Frenchies serene and sure of their strength, they who will finish the job with as a final point a nice 2-point shot, at the buzzer, from Alex Vialaret (21-14). A great performance from our Blues, who therefore qualified for the round of 16. And with the victory of the New Zealanders against Brazil (19-18), France even scratches the second place of its group. The Blues will thus be seeded for the eighth of this weekend, where they will meet the third in group D. A place for the moment occupied by Austria, but the classification can still change.

With a record of two wins for two losses, our Blues will have to wait for a final decisive match to ensure their qualification for the rest of the competition. Mission finally accomplished, with the added bonus of a fine second place in Group A. Now we are preparing for the serious things that will begin this weekend.

Sources: FIBA ​​3×3, Twitter @3x3Ffbb / @lachainelequipe

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