the game crushed by the press, here are all the notes in the

We can now say it loud and clear: the very first trailer for Matchpoint: The tennis championships were a lie. Made entirely in CGI, but presented as gameplay, the first video of the game released in January 2022 is indeed far from the published result. Just take a look at the gameplay videos that have appeared everywhere on YouTube since the game was released on July 7 to see the glaring difference between promises and reality. Not only the modeling of the players is completely missed, but in addition the animations lack naturalness and flexibility. The gameplay is also next to its pumps, with completely absurd game design choices. It is for example impossible to sprint in the game (lol), just as there is no stamina gauge, which means that players are never tired. We are not talking to you about the management of the rise to the net which is suicidal, or assisted movements. This is unheard of in the failure of a tennis game. The press has also given its verdict and Matchpoint: Tennis Championships displays a metascore of 58% on PS5, with no note in the green. That is to say the level…


Ginfinity: 3/10

Playing Pressure: 4.5/10

The player: 4/10

Digitally uploaded: 4/10

IGN: 5/10

PC Invasion: 5.5/10

Vandal: 5.5/10

Impulse player: 5.6/10

The gaming machine: 5.7/10

Square pusher: 6/10

GamingBolt: 6/10 6/10 7/10

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