The handball club wants to feminize its workforce

Chaired by Jean Mattler, the handball club held its general meeting at the gymnasium on Friday, July 1, in the presence of a large audience.

In his moral report, the president welcomed a season that had come to an end and the rebound in the workforce after the health situation restrictions.

Eleven teams evolved in the regional and territorial championships, with good overall results.

Forty-one leaders were elected to the management committee proposed as members of the office: Jean Mattler, president, Aude Poublan, general secretary and Jean-Marc Souque, treasurer, proposal validated by the assembly.

The projects have been renewed, particularly focused on feminization and the increase in female numbers to form more strictly female teams, and by their assumption of responsibility within the association: coaches, table officials, referees, young .

Development operations are planned: open days on Saturday September 10 and a course on the weekend of October 29 and 30. The award ceremonies put an end to this 39th general meeting.

“To end our season in style, on Saturday July 2, two U11 teams, two U13 teams and one U15 team practiced sandball (handball on the sand) in Port-Camargue. An excellent day which adds to the family atmosphere of the club”, concluded Jean Mattler.

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