The Heat mocked after their ridiculous offer to attract Kevin Durant!

While Kevin Durant is set to play for the Heat, the Florida franchise has logically taken action. We have just learned of the existence of a first offer, which was quickly refused. After all, and when you see the content, you can understand why. Netizens were merciless.

Already more than two weeks since Kevin Durant asked to leave the Nets, but no major progress to note since then. Brooklyn quickly agreed to the request, then spoke with franchises about a potential quid pro quo. Unsurprisingly, the front office is very greedy, since we are talking about what could become the biggest trade in the history of the league. Unfortunately for the rewarded teams, it will be necessary to make big sacrifices, chose that the Heat did not understand.

The Heat ridiculed with their offer for Kevin Durant

A first offensive took place in Florida, but the Nets quickly declined. The two main players? Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson, in addition to several draft picks on imagine. Not enough to be interested in Brooklyn, which expects much more, with perhaps Bam Adebayo at the very least. In the comments, it didn’t take long for fans to scoff.

Who would want these dummies?

Bruh Herro and Duncan, it’s not even enough to have Rudy Gobert 😂

Nobody wants Herro 😭

Imagine you want KD and you think Duncan Robinson will do the job

If the Heat’s offer is true, it’s hard to be surprised by the Nets’ refusal. It will take a lot more to move Kevin Durant, although no one wants to match the price just yet. It remains to be seen who will give in first, and when. A resolution could take months.

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