The high level wins the tennis club, in search of excellence

The big open tournament ended on July 3 won by the French No. 74, Y. Jankowits.

If a tournament is a highlight in the life of a club, by mobilizing its internal and external resources, it also delivers clues about its ambitions. TC Bellegarde, committed to a process of progress which strives to reconcile tennis in its evolutionary forms, between leisure and competition, health and performance, must necessarily raise its level of requirement.

The big open tournament which ended on July 3 with a very high level confrontation between Yannick Jankowits and Rémi Boutillier, respectively French numbers 74 and 58, ex-226 and 235 ATP, illustrates this quest for excellence.

If the show has kept all its promises, with a fiercely contested meeting, during which Yannick Jankowits saves four match points before winning in the decisive game of the 3rd set, it above all draws a perspective for the Bellegard club, led by the desire to offer great entertainment to sports and tennis enthusiasts.

The leaders will however regret too little participation, especially in the 4th series and on the women’s table, a general trend which must question all the operators.

The development of women’s tennis, for which TC Bellegarde continues to define specific arrangements, calls for the commitment of all institutional and private players.

In this context, we note the performance of Julie Allenbach, of TC Manduel, defeated in the final by Niçoise Aleksja Gutic, and that of Audrey Koessler (TC Redessan), victorious against Sophie Stevens (TC Saint-Gilles).

As for the club’s hopes, we will notice the very fine careers of Ruben Alcazar-Rabat for his first adult tournament, with a good performance at 15/4, and Arthur Baumont, finalist in the consolation against Sébastien Rabat.

Now, it’s time to prepare for the start of the school year, the school bag loaded with major projects.

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