The history of the Alabaster Coast tennis clubs told in a book

A book on the history of tennis on the Alabaster Coast, bringing together eleven clubs from Le Havre to Dieppe has just been released. It is filled with anecdotes and unpublished documents.

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The project was born last year on the initiative of a small group of tennis enthusiasts who wanted to tell the story of this sport on the Alabaster Coast. Eleven clubs have been chosen, starting from Le Havre AC in Dieppe and the emblematic clay courts of Puys. The 176-page book, comprising 480 illustrations, titled Tennis courts on the Alabaster Coast is now available for €38 and coincides with the launch of the Alabaster Coast tennis tournament circuit. The texts were written by Bruno Delarue and all the documentation was centralized by Claire Paesen. The book is published by Terre en vue, based in Fécamp.

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“It’s a book written on glossy paper that allows us to produce a beautiful collector’s book. It was printed in 1,000 copies. points out Éric Broussin, in charge of the organization. A long work was necessary to collect original documents, photos associated with characters or moments chosen since the creation of these clubs which have existed for some since the end of the 19th century. Other emblematic places have disappeared, such as the courts of TC Dieppe which were near the aquatic center of Les Bains and which once hosted an international tournament and were taken by the Australians.

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The choice of these eleven tennis clubs located on the coast of the Alabaster coast is not innocent. “Tennis was imported by our English neighbors who had their resorts on the coast. This book is not content to retrace the history of these clubs, it has fun with this very particular world, as much of the one that was as of the new, and frolics cheerfully and freely among all the subjects raised by the practice of this sport. , continues Eric Broussin. The summer tournaments which took place on the coast provided players of very high level and of all nationalities. » To promote it, a small stand will be set up in the various clubs concerned: Saturday July 30 (11 a.m.), Les Petites Dalles (2.30 p.m.) and Fécamp (5 p.m.).

The book is also available at the La Grande Ourse bookstore, rue Saint-Jacques in Dieppe and at the restaurant Épices et arts, quai Duquesne in Dieppe.

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