The incredible journey of Ricardo Alliman, a Jamaican in Orchies

Nothing predestined Ricardo Alliman (2.01 m, 35 years old) to become a professional basketball player, yet the Jamaican has more than ten career seasons. A successful career thanks to his determination and an irreproachable ethic of life.

In the Pévèle Arena of Orchies (National 1), five foreign flags are added. But one is not so “common” in the basket: that of Jamaica. Ricardo Alliman, 35, was born in Kingston where his entire family still resides. However, nothing predestined the Jamaican to live off the orange ball.

Rather gifted with a racket and a yellow ball, it all came down to a growth spurt. ” I started the basket late, at 15 years old. One summer, I took thirty centimeters so I said to myself that I was going to try the basket. Luckily I tried because I fell in love with the sport. With the studies, the basket helped me to move forward », Slips the strong winger in perfect French…

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Photo: Ricardo Alliman (BC Orchies)

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