The lack of hotels in Freiburg cringes before the Hockey Worlds –

The awarding of the Hockey Worlds to Friborg in 2026 poses a problem of accommodation. The canton’s hotel infrastructure is dilapidated and no team will be able to sleep on Friborg territory. The passivity of the authorities in the face of this situation is irritating.

The city of Friborg and its agglomeration have become a quasi-hotel desert. Institutions have disappeared one after the other and the infrastructure that has survived does not have the capacity to accommodate the world elite of ice hockey in four years.

The authorities of the canton, however, consider that the situation is not dramatic. “Indeed, we can be blamed for the lack of hotels. But apart from that, the ice rink station is located 20 minutes from Bern. If you go from the center of Lausanne to the Malley ice rink, it’s the same period of time”, compares Thursday in La Matinale Romain Collaud, State Councilor in charge of sports.

“A mess for Freiburg”

The attitude of the government, however, goes badly with some elected officials. President of the Socialist Party, Alizée Rey is part of her misunderstanding.

“This is proof of the Council of State’s weakness. It is absolutely necessary to maintain an infrastructure. It is the image of the canton that is at stake. It is not normal to say that, in the end, we resign and we leaves it to the other cantons to take care of welcoming people who will come to this event. It’s a waste for the canton of Friborg and its tourism,” she laments.

Peripheral regions

Nicolas Kolly, head of the UDC group in Parliament, also says he is perplexed by the passivity of the Council of State. “It’s a rather surprising position award. We obtained these world championship titles thanks to the sports infrastructure. Now we have to overcome this deficiency in terms of the hotel offer, we are four years old. The Council of State would be well advised to do everything possible to achieve this, by also making proposals with the hotels which exist in the peripheral regions of the canton, in Gruyère or in the region of Morat for example”, estimates the elected representative on the right.

It should be noted that this passivity and this fatalism of the Friborg authorities alarm the tourist circles: they fear to see a substantial part of the economic emissions of the event which they avoid.

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The failing hotel infrastructure in Friborg for the ice hockey championships: interview with Nicolas Kolly / La Matinale / 1 min. / today at 06:31

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