The L’Aigle basketball club took part in the national mini-basketball festival

L’Aigle basketball players ©DR

Since 1994, the French Basketball Federation has been meeting its youngest members every year on the occasion of the National Mini-Basketball Day which brings together more than 100,000 children in all French departments every weekend in May. and June. A moment of conviviality and fun.

The L’Aigle basketball club left with a great delegation of U7, U9 and U11. The morning was dedicated to the U7s and U9s. Before the start of the workshops, each child was given a colored sponge bracelet to make the youngest members more loyal to the practice of the basket and thus enhance their investment within the club.

The U7s and U9s then took part in various workshops and opposition matches. The coaches of these sections were able to see all the progress made during the year. It ended with awards and medals.

Challenge U11 phase II

The afternoon was devoted to the U11s and more particularly to the second day of the U11 challenge. The day of the U11s had already started, in the morning, in the accompaniment and the arbitration of the U7s. What is part of their learning at basketball school, they also know how to referee thanks to the JAP operation, “I play, I referee, I participate. »

This second day of challenge was to be an accomplishment of this end of the year. The club is lucky to have a generation of dynamic U11s, full of desire and enthusiasm. The players were ready to be able to improve their first day scores in every way.

The tests are:

– test n°1: score as many free throws as possible in forty-five seconds.

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– test n°2: course of skill in dribbling and passing with precision and a left-handed shot as well as a right-handed shot.

– test n°3: cross start left hand shot and right hand shot.

– test n°4: rapid firing on different spots in forty-five seconds.

Well accompanied and followed during the events by their coach Agnès Boucher, David Gandini, vice-president and team manager, as well as their president David Marrier, it is therefore with the greatest satisfaction and joy that the leaders saw their U11s exceed all their results from the first day of the challenge.

Super Challenge Results

Here is the podium for the girls out of 21 participants. The second place is for Ana Samain with 73 points and 79 points for the player from the La Ferté-Macé club. Without a doubt, there will still be a magnificent duel next season for the youngest challenge in U13. Third place went to Victoire Cappelle who magnificently doubled all her points compared to the first day and who therefore finished on the podium with 62 points.

Note a top 10 for boys out of 72 participants. Ninth place is for Gabriel Buisson, with 51 points not far from the top 5 which is only 59 points. A magnificent top 15 for Léandre Coppens, twelfth with 45 points, which marks the greatest progression of all the players. The last event cost him tenth place. Rodriguo Silva Oliveira in class 23e with 32 points. More concentration and next year will be successful. The result gives the club only individual progress which suggests only positive and good things for next season.

Challenge results

These results only count for one day and do not take into account the super challenge. Timothy Fireman arrives 31e with 21 points and Lucas Vigouroux finishes 47e with 13 points.

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