The Lakers ready to give in a big case of the summer? Denouement near!

For some time now, the Lakers have been trying to find solutions to validate trades, but without much success. It must be said that Rob Pelinka is holding back his strengths a bit, to see if he can win a good deal. A tactic that does not work, to the point that the leader should change his approach. Good news for fans.

More than a month after the start of free agency, and the Lakers have still not managed to validate a trade. There were 5 signings on the market, including a player who already feels a little bad since arriving in the City of Angels. Nevertheless, Darvin Ham expects further reinforcements, while Kyrie Irving’s name has popped up several times. For now ? Disagree with the Nets, although the situation can still be assessed by the restart.

The Lakers ready to take action?

It’s August, which means the Angelinos aren’t under any pressure, not yet. Pelinka can afford to temporize, until the start of training camp, which will start quite late in September. At this date, the roster will have to be finalized, preferably in any case. It’s a deadline for the Lakers, who will act before.

Jovan Buha (The Athletic) thinks the Lakers will increase the seriousness of their offers in talks for trades if nothing develops before training camp/media day.

Clearly, the Purple and Gold are temporizing for the moment. The franchise is holding back assets, like its first-round draft picks, in the hopes of not using them. Nevertheless, and if the front office really wants an Irving, no choice, it will take some effort.

The good news, at least if some accept the menu location, is that the recent update is quite positive. Buha spoke on this soap, and confirmed that the Angelinos would have offered, at one time or another, two first rounds to recruit the star. Knowing that she only has one year of contract, it’s an interesting deal for Brooklyn:

Jovan says the Lakers are heading to two first rounds of picks to get Kyrie.

No confirmation obviously, but the Lakers will probably increase their offer by training camp, like many other teams elsewhere. It’s often a “deadline” for franchises, who knows it’s the last chance before a while to cause mayhem in the market.

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