The Lakers take action, with two first signings!

With the draft barely over, the Lakers took action in the markets for the summer. The franchise was able to recover a young prospect, but also wants to give other players a chance, with a view to a possible signing at the start of the school year. There is no doubt that the two new arrivals will make the fans smile.

As you might expect, the Lakers took action this Thursday with a first trade. But was relatively simple: make room for milking. The front office had no choice, but decided to put on Max Christie, who hopes to make a small place in the roster next season:

Two arrivals for the Lakers!

But as often, franchises also like to sign other players after the draft, among the best undrafted potentials. The Angelinos are no exception, since they have decided to give a first contract to Scotty Pippen Jr, who signs here a two-way agreement. A good way to prove yourself in the coming months, but above all to accumulate experience.

The Lakers sign Scotty Pippen Jr to a two-way deal.

Another notable move? Shareef O’Neal, who will indeed have his chance with the franchise. A real pleasure for the fans, even if the deal is more precarious. For now, Shaquille’s son will play in the Summer League only, but it’s ideal to show off for the future:

Shareef O’Neal will play in the Summer League with the Lakers! 🔥

From the Lakers, who are looking for good deals for the next season. It’s a start, but it will obviously take much more with the free agents to hope to fight for the title. In any case, it is an opportunity in or for the two young people, who will be keen to win.

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