The Mavs major 5 known, big surprise alongside Luka Doncic?

With some changes to their roster, the Mavericks will land with a new starting 5 next season. Luka Doncic is one of the new teammates, although there may be a surprise for the Slovenian. Jason Kidd has obviously made his choice, but we will have to wait for confirmation.

In the conference finals last year, the Mavericks have every intention of doing it again in the coming seasons. Still, many aren’t very enthusiastic about the Texans, who didn’t ask for the toughest run in the playoffs. In any case, count on Luka Doncic to do what is necessary, especially as he will have additional help. From the start of the offseason, Dallas hit hard on the market by recruiting Christian Wood, a pivot with 18 points and 10 rebounds on average.

We knew the Mavs needed a pivot, and they found their rare pearl. We don’t know if the old Rocket will be able to work miracles, but it’s definitely an improvement. However, this arrival must be qualified, since Dallas also lost an important player: Jalen Brunson. The news was made official on Tuesday, the point guard left the Knicks for the most part. When we know that he was invaluable in the last playoffs, the supporters are slightly disappointed and worried.

Important change for the 5 of the Mavs?

While waiting to see how things evolve on the floor, the Mavericks are talking about them with their new starting 5. Brunson is gone, but Wood arrives to perform in the racket. But will he hold? Demonstration, no. That’s according to The Athletic journalist Tim Cato, as he explains the pivot could be used in a sixth-man role instead.

Dallas should keep Reggie Bullock in the starting 5, then use interiors in a rather special role:

I have been told that Dallas intends to keep Reggie Bullock in its starting 5, and as a fifth starter. For now, the squad’s recent addition, Christian Wood, will come off the bench.

As a reminder, the last 5 major of the Mavs was composed of: Doncic, Brunson, Reggie Bullock, Dorian Finney-Smith and Dwight Powell.

It would be for the Mavs the starting team that could bring the most success within the franchise: 2 guards capable of creating, two defenders on the wings to punish with three more points, and a pivot who plays less minutes than his teammates on the bench.

Clearly, Powell should be a starter, but he would play much less than Wood, who will be a sixth luxury man. Spencer Dinwiddie should replace Brunson in the 5, and give you Dallas’ 5 major. Let’s hope that the newcomer is satisfied with this tactic, even if nothing should be ruled out with Jason Kidd by the start of the school year.

Except surprise, the 5 major of the Mavs is already known, and it can surprise. Christian Wood will not start, even if he will play a lot with his new team. Of course, changes are possible, especially if the result is not satisfactory. To follow closely.

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