the men’s U15 agreement of Saint-Ciers-Blaye crowned champion of Gironde

At half-time, the team, well supported by supporters who had come in large numbers, had matched the Saint-Médard players, developing an aggressive and fast basket and surfing on a surreal address by Noham Saint-Amans on the shoots at 2 points.

At 3e quarter, the Saint-Médardais exploited the flaws of an overly lax defense and found a margin with a score of 6 points. But a fourth quarter remained to be played. With a collective defense found, the players of Haute Gironde dominated thanks mainly to Guerric Hanne in all shots, the defensive soul of the team and offensive leader. The Saint-Médardais and their coach no longer believed in it and lost ten points (57-67) in a match they thought they had won ten minutes earlier.

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