the minimum age to join the NBA soon to be lowered to 18?

The NBA is preparing to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement and among the reforms, the legal age to join the Big League could be lowered, according to commissioner Adam Silver.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said Tuesday that a reform to lower the legal entry age for players to 18 was strongly anticipated within the next two years.

“When I weigh the different considerations, I think it would be the right thing to do. And I hope that change will take place in the next round of collective bargaining, which will take place in the next two years,” he then affirmed in his annual press conference held at the end of the meeting of the leaders of the league.

Since 2005, the age limit to play in the NBA has been 19. A reform signed to prevent certain talents from skipping the university box (NCAA) and thus grilling their wings too quickly.

Although it was successful for some players such as LeBron James, Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant, having joined the NBA before their eighteenth birthday, others experienced a tragic descent into hell as was the case for Lenny Cooke or Kwame Brown.

It may be in all of our interests to start making an impact on these young players, especially because in our sport they are scouted at such a young age. And to start working with them on their development, not just on basket skills, but more and more on their mental health, their diet, helping them to build their identity and all the important values ​​around sport“, justifies Adam Silver who will begin his ninth season at the head of the NBA in October.

The next collective agreement should be signed around 2024 according to the latest information and the NBA boss continues to sound out League players on several issues, such as Play in, the number of games per season, the format of the All star game, etc.


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