The Nets target that could change everything for Kyrie and lead the Lakers!

For several weeks, Kyrie Irving has been announced on the side of the Lakers, where he would find LeBron James. But according to the latest information, a new franchise could join the dance and recover the point guard, thanks to a target that the Nets would like very much.

What if the Nets, against all odds, ended up retaining Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving for an additional season, where the franchise will assess itself in the strangest atmosphere but will still have the opportunity to aim for the title? It must be said that after the huge Flashback to Phoenix with Deandre Aytona sign-and-commerce is no longer possible between Les Soleils and Brooklyn.

If we add to this the reluctance of a large part of the teams to part with all their best players or their young best to recover the number 7, in a market that is ultimately quite calm, even if the Warriors could surprise everyone and afford the services of their former Finals MVP. Stephen Curry would in any case not be against this idea according to the latest rumors.

Kyrie Irving going to Miami?

And if Kevin Durant’s file doesn’t really move, Kyrie Irving’s is full of twists and turns. A few days ago, a journalist close to the leader made it clear thathe wanted to stay with the Nets no matter what, while the leaders would be definitively decided to exchange it. Moreover, a new target could tip the scales and settle the situation, unfortunately for the Lakers.

From what I’ve heard, Kyrie Irving vs. Kyle Lowry is not impossible.

For weeks, the Lakers seem to be the only franchise to look into the Kyrie Irving case, and all fans have been dreaming of a reunion between the point guard and james lebron… But if Miami decides to include Kyle Lowry in the balance, the Nets leaders could be persuaded by an offer from the Heat. I have to say that the Raptors legend is sharper than ever, and above all she knows the way to the title! Not all internet users are convinced.

Horrible trade for the Nets πŸ’€πŸ’€

Nets GM Sean Marks could be persuaded by the Heat if Kyle Lowry is included in the negotiations, which is very bad news for the Lakers. But all is not yet play, since the Purple and Gold can offer additional draft picks.

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