the notes of the final between the Blazers and the Knicks

An NBA season is made up of matches, guys who watch them and talk about them, but also guys who watch them and rate them. Probable revenge after a youth spent collecting zeros, and a perfect opportunity in any case to let go of the punchline by the kilo. This season again, Team Notes has tried to delight you with its flawless imagination, while still trying to talk a little bit about the basket.

This time it’s – really – over. Nice and well finished, even if we will probably come back at the beginning of September to cause the FIBA ​​basket and all the fuss during the EuroBasket. Tonight ? Fireworks, an apotheosis, and a Summer League final that only true gourmets will have appreciated. We try to explain why? Come on, send the notes.

For real concrete information on this match, it is also here that it happens

#New York Knicks

Quentin Grimes (4): he woke up at the very end but was not up to his superb tournament. Tonight Quentin Grimes had the mask, tonight Quentin Grimes it was Quentin Grimé.

Miles McBride (5): Nate Robinson in more lent, less physical and less skilful. Miles McBrade.

Jericho Sims (6): Jarrett Allen without the afro cut but even more trimmed. Aggressive, devoid of any movement but so energetic and athletic that the Knicks have a great interest in using him as he should this season. In defense, in attack, Sims to be good.

Feron Hunt (3): very voluntary, but sometimes the will is not enough. Example: “I’ve wanted to waka-waquer with Shakira for a long time, but I can’t afford it. »

Trevor Bowling (3): did you know, the word “ok” comes from the US military sending “0 Keels” when Trevor missed all his shots in a game.

Daquan Jeffries (4): if Daquan Jeffries was a logo it would probably be “straight to the point”. The former Kings and Rockets player is a real ball of energy but who only had the “go for it” button tonight.

Micah Potter (6): he touched few balloons but turned all those balloons into gold. Fundamentals, a little shooting and some hustle, yeah, we’re talking about a future G League Hall Of Famer.

John Montero (3): it had rather pleased our eyes on this Summer League but this night he was content to run fast. And if it’s just to run, you might as well go do the 800m in Charlety.

Amir Simms (-): three minutes of play for the one who is only a second Sims but with a spelling mistake.

Julius Randle (returns MIP): according to our gauge, each player in this match showed more motivation in less than ten minutes than Julius Randle over the entirety of last season.

# Portland Trail Blazers

Luka Garza (5): a gladiator build, but whose hands rarely match the rest of his body. Ideal for taking fire and boosting friends but don’t ask him to shoot and send him to putty instead. Luka Garza? It’s Olivier Magne.

Brandon Williams (7): he started quietly and ended very strong, like a tortoise teasing an overconfident hare. There are probably 157,000 Brandon Williams on the planet and he is the best basket player among them, aim for this kind of info and let us know if you are showing fatigue.

Keon Johnson (3): he missed his match and didn’t weigh in at all tonight. It’s not a sea to drink since the friends have assured, and since he had above all shown all week that he was NBA ready, finally, ready to get tenth place in the West as the fifth rotation on the backyard.

Trendon Watford (7): 19/7/2/3 for the one who started his game with four unwhistled returns in the same action but finished it like the MVP he is. Already prominent last year with FC Tank, Trendon has shown that he has his place again this season with the big boys. Trendon is trendy.

Greg Brown III (-): didn’t play because he only knows how to dunk, that’s good it was a basketball game and not a dunk contest.

Kyle Alexander (6): big game from Luka Garza’s back-up pivot, even if this simple sentence can clearly send you into depression. He is long, he has hands and makes the effort on both sides of the field, in short, Kyle Alexandraire has everything to please.

Colbey Ross (5): four assists and two shots from the parking lot off the bench, that should be about what we expect from a substitute point guard. Russell Westbrook, you know what you have to do.

Jabari Walker (7): oh the nugget, oh the warm blood. Recovered in the caliber of the Draft by the Blazers, Jabari showed again this evening that he was perhaps one of the big flights of his vintage. Athletic, skilful, two-way player, and if Jabari eats raclette in August the marriage proposal could leave very quickly.

Didi Louzada (3): Didi was a starter in this team but, say, say, why did Didi edit didulaire?

Craig Randall II (5): he shot a lot in proportion to his importance in this franchise. Craig Random.

Romello White (-): didn’t play and that’s a shame, because we had already prepared the valve for “Romello in the fridge”.

George King (4): he returned his shot, he won his ring. George King without a crown but not without a ring.

Shaedon Sharpe (-): did not play because his arm was in a sling, Shaedon Esharpe.

Damien Lillard (122): will receive 122 million over two years but has 122 million fewer rings than Didi Louzada.

That’s it, it’s over, and this sentence will therefore serve as a conclusion.

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