the NUC will have to return to Guin

The NUC were beaten 3-2 by Guin on Saturday evening, in Act III of this best-of-five LNA play-off semi-final. The Neuchâteloises only lead 2-1 in the series, so they will have to return to Friborg land on Wednesday March 16 (8 p.m.).

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The NUC won the first set (25-23), on an attack by Jasmine Gross, before seeing the Fribourgeoises remember the score (21-25). Samantha Drechsel offered the third round to the NUC (25-22) in the warm atmosphere of La Riveraine, filled with 1190 spectators.

But the visitors again came back up to their opponents (19-25), taking the two teams to a decisive fifth set. The latter was won (12-15) by the Fribourgeoises.

In the other semi-final, Aesch-Pfeffingen secured their ticket to the final (3-0 against Kanti Schaffhausen).

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