The only ‘too strong’ man Mike Tyson has refused to face in his career

When you think of Mike Tyson, you think of a veritable machine of destruction who could put anyone to sleep with his power. phenomenale. But like any being human, it also happened to the young champion to be afraid. It is for this reason that he refused a fight against an opponent too strong for him, even if not a boxing specialist.

If technique and defense are important weapons in the world of boxing, it is for example on this that Floyd Mayweather made his career, this is how Mohamed Ali established himself as one of the most great sportsmen of all time, nothing is more impressive to spectators than phenomenal power. And in this little game, few can compete with Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson terrified of a jiu-jitsu legend

At the top of his game, Mike Tyson seemed invincible, he who could not be equaled neither in strength nor in speed, and he would undoubtedly have been ready to face any opponent, with great confidence in his abilities. But obviously, he has already refused to get in the ring with a man, who was not even a professional boxer… Royce Gracie, legend of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, explained himself on the show Real London :

At the time I approached Mike Tyson to offer him a fight against me. He was the most powerful man on the planet against a submission specialist. From what I was told afterwards, he accepted the offer quickly, but it was the people around him who refused to let him fight. I’ve met him several times since, he’s always been very nice, and he tells me he’s glad he didn’t fight me.

For him the situation is quite clear, if the fight had gone to the ground, I would have killed him. But for me the reverse is also true. He only had to hit me once in the face to kill me. Even without touching myself, just seeing his hand brush against my face, I probably would have passed out. My only way to defeat that would have been melee.

I should have stuck to him directly. One hit and it was over for me. I should have passed his first wave of punches, and after trying to take him down to assess in my domain. And even if he’s back in business, there’s no way I’ll face him. He still stays in the boxing world, and I now do MMA.

If Mike Tyson is a boxing star, Royce Gracie is a UFC legend, having won three of the organization’s first four “tournaments”, in the wins he faced several opponents much heavier and much more adults on the same evening. We can therefore understand the fear of the Tyson camp.

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