The Open du Cher begins Friday in Vierzon, before continuing in Sancerre and Bourges for a very open twelfth edition.

With the new heat wave hitting Berry this week, competitors will have every interest in starting early. On the Picardière golf course, on Friday, the first departures could take place before 8 am.

After hosting the final stage last year, the Vierzon golf course opens the ball this time. As is traditional with each edition, the order of the stages changes without this influencing the strategy of each other. The next day, the Open du Cher will take the direction of Sancerre; then from Bourges, on Sunday, where the prize-giving will take place. It should be noted that a player has the option of participating in only one or two rounds, regardless of the ranking of the Open.

Nadine Chagnon wants revenge against Claire Salmon

The game formula used is the Stableford. “This allows everyone to have a chance because, in each series, we take into account the ranking (the index) of each in the calculation of the points of the course, explains the president of the golf de la Picardière, Nadine Chagnon. . Thus, those who are the lowest ranked can claim to win the net ranking, in their series. The Stableford also makes it possible to completely miss a hole without having a considerable impact. »

Registrations have been closed since Tuesday and we should therefore find around a hundred competitors in the Open. Among the ladies, the title should be disputed between Nadine Chagnon (winner in 2019) and Claire Salmon. The young Sanceroise had won the previous edition and even had the luxury of beating her rival from Vierzon on her home turf during the last round. The revenge will begin, this time, at Picardière. If we have seen in the past that the Open du Cher is not won from the first day, we must above all be careful not to cancel our chances by taking an overly cautious start.

Beyond the classification, this Open du Cher is above all a popular meeting for local golfers.

“The course is still green because it has had a lot more in recent weeks, which is good. There has been a lot of work on it and good feedback from outside people. It will be very nice, ”promises the Vierzonnaise president. On the Berruyères side, Valérie Chantefort, winner in 2020, and Nadèche Razafindrakoto are uncertain.

Among men, the hierarchy is likely to be turned upside down this year. Indeed, the Berruyer Aymeric Pommerette will not defend his title because of his professional obligations, as steward at Ugolf. This week, until Saturday, the Bourges golf course is indeed hosting the French third division U16 championship. “The course has been prepared for this and the competitors will be in very good conditions for the final of the Open du Cher on Sunday”, we say on the Berruyer side.

Victim of a herniated disc in the spring which put him on hold for two months, the Nançayais Xavier Campo will not be there either to take advantage of it. “I’m not taking any risks this year, to my great regret”, confided the vice-champion of the previous edition.

The Massy delegation faithful to the meeting

These circumstances could allow some foreigners to find a place in the sun. We will watch the experienced Cyril Pinon or perhaps the former Berruyer now licensed in the South, Éric Girault, winner in 2016, whose participation is uncertain. Like this year, the Open du Cher will each time welcome a delegation of golfers from the Massy club, within which we could find another former winner, Sébastien Lamonnier.

Beyond the classification, this Open du Cher is above all a meeting appreciated by local golfers, due to its original formula. It also illustrates the desire of the three main golf courses in the department to work together throughout these three days of competition.

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