“The outlook on women’s rugby has changed”

Met at the end of June at the Stade de France as part of Olympic Day, Anne-Cécile Ciofani, silver medalist at the last Olympic Games in Rugby 7, talks about her ambitions and the evolution of her discipline.

Do you have the feeling that the look has changed in relation to your discipline: women’s rugby 7?

Yes, we have a lot of feedback from people who come to see us on social networks, or even in events like these, we have a lot of positive feedback yes.

Including among young girls who want to play rugby?

Yes among young girls even among young boys, mothers now who were afraid before and who today are not reassured, but are admiring of women who practice rugby.

There are two years left before the Games, we all can’t wait to be there…

Oh, well yes (laughs) we hope to fill the Stade de France too and then there is a good project around Paris 2024 so it will be fabulous.

Personally, are you ready to continue to invest in corporate operations like the one organized at the Stade de France?

Yes, of course until the end!

The objective is also to encourage vocations…

I hope, I hope we’re all here for that, so we hope to grab licenses and create new champions.

Proposed by Philippe Carnus (Mon Paris FM)

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