the P2H Longwy on the 3rd step of the podium

How can you sum up the season?

Yann FARNIER, coach of P2H Handball Longwy. “On a sporting level, we feel great satisfaction after two seasons marred by the Covid pandemic, while we trained outdoors in difficult conditions. The reward for so much effort has given us third place on the podium this season, especially since the plan at the start of the season was to stay in the middle of the standings. Difficult to do better in view of the workforce.

In this championship, we are the only formation of the pool to bring down the leader (a victory at home in the De-Marneffe room in Herserange and a draw in Thionville). In addition, the P2H is the only group team to be undefeated at home. The only negative point: the away defeats against relatively poorly ranked formations (Chevigny, Joinville and Bogny) where the players had difficulty assuming their role as favourites, which cost them second or even first place in the chicken “.

What is the scorer ranking?

“best longovician scorer with a 9e place is Toma Janyszek (116 goals, average 5.27), then 11e Valentin Suard (108, 5.4), 19 years olde Mehdi Sendel (93 goals, 4.43), 20 years olde Antoine Gremeaux (91), 32 years olde Thomas Ptak (73), 50 years olde Martin Richard (55), 67 years olde Théo Sylvestre (46), 88 years olde Leo Biordi (32), 97 years olde Maxence Grosnickel (28 years old). Simon Felkar, Victor Duquenne, Gillian Vojetta, Marco Tacconi, and David Ringenwald also participated in making Longwy the second attack of the group.

And with the guards?

“We are satisfied with the great performance of the last Longovician ramparts with the 5e place of Nathan Hergat (151 stops) and the 15e by Julien Didier (81 stops)”.

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