The Panthères du Fleury Loiret Handball stuck together there, this Monday, July 18, between excitement and questioning about extra-sporting

It was recovery day, this Monday, July 18, for the Panthères de Fleury, gathered in the Albert-Auger roomwhere it was mainly a question of ball games and light muscular work.

With the exception of young internationals Cassidy Chambonnier and Norah Folituu, who benefits from a week off vacationthey were all there and hard at work, including Doungou Camarawhose rehabilitation is progressing well after his rupture of the cruciate ligaments of a knee which occurred in January.


Christophe Cassan is still at the helm, and solo after the unreplaced departure of his deputy Fabien Renouf. Man of relegation in D2 a few weeks ago, does he imagine himself to be that of the ascent next spring? The Fleuryssois coach is careful not to answer it, for the time being, reasoning “more in content objectives than ranking”.

Before hoping to set foot in the elite again, we will already have to be on the starting line in Septemberwhich was not guaranteed last month, when Sabine Guillien-Heinrich, the president of the Panthers, launched a call for help in our columns to find 300,000 euros missing from the coffers.

“We keep moving forward”

Has the situation improved since this speech? “We keep moving forward. We approached our private and public partners, as well as our suppliers. The objective is to lighten the landing”, answers Anthony Tahar, the general manager of Fleury Loiret Handball.

The club must make its accounting situation known to the National Control and Management Commission (CNCG) by July 31. The latter will then judge on documents if the clearance plan validated by the National Handball League is viable or not.

If it continues its activities, Fleury will do so with a budget reduced by a quarter compared to last year, which will be around 1.2 million euros. This will place it a priori in the Top 4 of his division. Its workforce will revolve around nine professional players and eight young players from the training center . “On a the minimum number of prosauthorized to keep our training center”, specifies Anthony Tahar.

Veil reduction in progress

Evidence of sail reduction in progress, the Panthers will not go on stage this summeras was usual until then.

Their preparation will include five friendlies, only one of which was played at home, against Aulnoye Aymeries on August 20. The season, the real one, will start the first weekend of September, at home, against the Northerners of Lomme Lille.

Still at the sports hall at the start of the school year

Fleury Loiret Handball is still suitable for the Palais des Sports in Orléans at the start of the school year, according to its general manager Anthony Tahar, sweeping away rumors of aftershocks at the La Source sports complex . Due to the Badminton Masters and the Saber World Cup, two matches will be relocatedelsewhere in the Loiret.

Raphael Coquel


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