The Ploemeur rugby club celebrates its 30th anniversary this weekend in the heart of the city – Ploemeur

This year 2022 will mark the still young history of the Ploemeur Rugby Club (PRC), which celebrates its 30th anniversary this Saturday, June 25 from 10 a.m., in the heart of town, Mail République, with beach rugby and the discovery of this sport. On Sunday June 26, the anniversary will continue on their playground in Les Bois Pins, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. with the challenge dedicated to Gilbert Leroy, of the U10 categories, and at 3 p.m., a big gala match for former PRC and the current senior team.

Chaired by Erwann Rigoussen and surrounded by a solid team of volunteers, the PRC is made up of 45 players, with an average age of 23 and a title of 3rd series Brittany champion.

The Ploemeur rugby club will celebrate its 30th anniversary in its traditions, its affiliations and its values. Here, the senior champion team of Brittany.

An anniversary in the traditions, affiliations and values ​​of rugby

“30 years is something to celebrate, the health context of recent months has forced us to postpone the commemoration of this anniversary for several months, but here we are! Two days of celebration to rediscover rugby in its traditional form, but also in a recent form which is that of touch rugby: rugby open to all, ”welcomes the president.

“The history of the oval made in Ploemeur was born under the initiative of the first president, Didier Hamon, and a core of enthusiasts who will carry out a rugby school project in Ploemeur. Very quickly, the volunteers as well as the parents of the young players did not spare their efforts so that the club reaches its cruising speed. There have been great, very positive results, but also with ups and downs, ”recalls Jacques Jakubowicz, former president, number 2 and current manager of the rugby school. He will leave his place to Philippe Gaucher, then Erwann Rigoussen.

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